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How to Order

Our ordering system is very simple and user friendly, so anyone can use it.

Choosing Quantity
Firstly, find a product that you would like to purchase. After clicking on it, you will see a list of possible weights. Don't worry if the number of kilos you want is not listed. The weights listed are simply displaying the specials for purchasing more than one. You will need to select a weight, eg. 1kg, and then select the quantity. If you select the 1kg weight and a quantity of 2, then you will receive 2kgs.

However, if you select the 2kg weight and input the quantity to 2, you will receive 4kgs. The quantity is used to show us how many you would like of your selected weight option.

Marinade Options
In some of the products, you will also see a marinade option. If you would like a specific marinade on your product, then please choose the desired one from the mentioned options. However, if you would just like the standard option, select 'plain' from the marinade drop down menu. You must select one of the options to purchase a product.

Choosing Cuts
A 'Cuts' option is also available from the larger products. Please select your desired cut from the cuts menu to continue with your purchase.

Packaging Options
You will see a packaging option for most products. The packaging descriptions are listed at the bottom of each product for your convenience. Typically, the 'normal' option is selected. The other options have either a $0.60 or $1.20 fee depending on which one you choose. Please keep in mind that the packaging options are per kilo.

Checking Out
After adding all your required items to the cart, double check your order and then click 'check out' from the right hand side. You will be directed to another window to input your details. From there, you have two shipping options. If you choose home delivery, there will be a $10 fee. Alternatively, you can pick your order up instore to avoid this shipping cost.

Below the shipping options is a box where you can add comments or specific notes you wish us to see. Please do not forget to fill this out if you have any comments.

After placing your order, please wait for one of our friendly staff to contact you to confirm your order and payment.

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