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Beef Premium Best Mince $9.99kg
One of our most popular meats is our Premium Beef Best Mince. The great thing about mince is th..
Whole Beef Scotch Fillet $25.98kg
Our Whole Beef Scotch Fillet is a very good cut of steak that is both tender and versatile. It ..
Gravy Beef Yearling $11.99kg
Our Yearling Gravy Beef is tasty and desirable. It is an excellent choice for stews and slow co..
Beef Porterhouse $25.99kg
Another of our many great steak options is the Beef Porterhouse. This is a thick steak which ta..
Yearling Beef T Bone Steak $22.99kg
If you're in the mood for some delicious steak, then try our Yearling Beef T-Bone Steak. This s..
Large Beef Marrow Bone $4.99each
Treat your canine companion to our Large Beef Marrow Bone. It will surely have your dog's tail wa..
Beef Heel Muscle Lean Yearling $11.99kg
The meat from a cow's heel area is called Beef Heel Muscle. We have Yearling Lean Beef Heel Mus..
Beef Scotch Fillet $29.90kg
Beef Scotch Fillet is a very good cut of steak that is both tender and versatile. It is full of..
Large Beef Marrow Bones $4.99each
Large Beef Marrow bones are great in soups.  Select our soup cut to make it easier for you..
Diced Beef Lean Yearling $16.99kg
Diced Beef is a good and soft meat which can easily be cooked in a pan with oil. Add some salt ..
Yearling Beef Cutlets $16.99kg
Yearling Beef Cutlets are a quick and easy dinner to make. Just pan fry or grill them, add some v..
Beef Rump Steak Yearling (sliced) $17.99kg
Our rump steak is always yearling, meaning young beef, and free range. We recommend it as one of ..
Corned Beef $17.99kg
Corned Beef is great and delicious for a nice lunch.   The Packaging Options We Offe..
Beef Stroganoff Lean Yearling $15.99kg
For a quick, easy and delicious meal, get some of our Yearling Lean Beef Stroganoff and throw it ..
Yearling Whole Rump $14.79kg
Our Yearling Whole Rump is great when oven roasted.  It is also good for casseroles and sl..
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