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Lamb Loins $19.99kg
Lamb loins can be roasted, grilled or broiled. This tender section of the lamb is great for any m..
Lamb Breast $8.99kg
Can be pruchased as whole piece or cut into ribs.  This is the least expensive cut of lamb..
Lamb Leg Chop $12.99kg
Our lamb leg chops are fresh and of good quality. They are perfect for grilling, putting on the b..
Lamb Neck $8.99kg
Lamb neck is a tough cut that works best with long, slow cooking. Available in whole, cut in half..
Lean Lamb Frenched Cutlets $45.99kg
This choice is a lean way to eat lamb. They are more of a higher price, but that is because you g..
Mega Lamb Raffle $60
Our Mega Lamb tray is perfect for a BBQ or dinner with your friends and family. ..
Lamb Forequarter Shanks $9.99kg
Lamb forequarter shanks are almost always cooked in liquid in order to have the meat separate fro..
Lamb Frenched Shanks $11.99kg
The term 'french' is a method where the ends of the bones are exposed by cutting off the fat and ..
Leg of Lamb with Veggies Raffle $25
Our Leg of Lamb with Veggies is a great idea for dinner when having a family gathering. ..
Lean Diced Leg of Lamb $18.99 kg
With all the fats removed, our lean diced leg of lamb is a healthy choice to put into any recipe...
Lamb Frenched Rack for Roasting $35.99kg
The term 'french' is a method where the rib bones are exposed by cutting off the fat and meat cov..
Lamb BBQ with Lamb and Rosemary Sausages Raffle $50
Our Lamb BBQ with Lamb and Rosemary Sausages tray includes a wide variety of meat to enjoy. ..
Lean Lamb Stroganoff $18.99 kg
Lean lamb that is prepared to add onto a stroganoff. The key item to create the perfect famil..
Lamb & Rosemary Sausages $9.99kg
Have a go at these unique lamb sausages infused with rosemary and transform them into a family me..
Large Lamb Souvlakia $1.89each
Souvlaki is a popular Greek street food. With your choice of marinade, put it on the barbeque for..
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