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Lean Diced Pork Leg $11.99kg
With the fats removed, this lean and diced serving of pork becomes the key item to add onto skewe..
Diced Beef Lean Yearling $16.99kg
Diced Beef is a good and soft meat which can easily be cooked in a pan with oil. Add some salt ..
Lean Pork Schnitzel $13.99kg
Lean pork schnitzel that is perfect for making your own homemade schnitzels. Cover breadcrumbs an..
Beef Stroganoff Lean Yearling $15.99kg
For a quick, easy and delicious meal, get some of our Yearling Lean Beef Stroganoff and throw it ..
Lean Pork Stroganoff $12.99kg
The lean choice of pork that is prepared to add onto your stroganoff.  Made from fresh and q..
Lean Lamb Stroganoff with Veggies $17.99kg
The Lean Lamb Stroganoff Veggie Mix is ideal for a quick and easy meal. The included veggies ar..
Lean Pork Leg Pieces $12.99kg
The lean choice of pork that is great for roasting or adding onto a range of recipies. Serve with..
Mini Chicken Souvlaki (lean breast only) $0.89each
Souvlaki is a popular Greek street food. With your choice of marinade, put it on the barbeque for..
Beef Topside Lean Yearling $15.99kg
Topside is ideal for roasting. The meat is very tender making it a delicious meal.  Our Ye..
Diced Chicken Breast Lean $12.99kg
Lean Diced Chicken Breast makes it easy for you to cook a nice delicious stir fry to enjoy. &nb..
Lean Chicken  Breast Stroganoff $12.99kg
In the mood for some stroganoff for dinner? Well then get out Lean Chicken Breast Stroganoff to m..
Lean Diced Leg of Lamb $18.99 kg
With all the fats removed, our lean diced leg of lamb is a healthy choice to put into any recipe...
Chicken Lean Steaks (for plain Schnitzel) $12.99kg
Our Chicken Lean Steak can easily be fried in a pan or oven baked for a delicious meal.   ..
Lean Lamb Stroganoff $18.99 kg
Lean lamb that is prepared to add onto a stroganoff. The key item to create the perfect famil..
Beef Minute Steak Lean Yearling $15.99kg
Our Lean Yearling Beef Minute Steak is a great choice because it is so fast and easy to cook.&nbs..
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